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F A Qs

What is Good For All Yoga About?

Good For All Yoga (including breathwork, mindfulness, and focus) programs for children consist of a series of sessions taught in after-school classes and at the studio. We also offer 5-day + 3-day camps during holidays.

The curriculum are based on Yogic principles as presented in the Yoga Sutras.


Does Good For All Yoga have Online Classes?

At this point, Good For All is an offline program only. We do intend to offer online classes in the near future. If interested, please reach us at


Is Good For All Yoga only for children?

Yes, currently Good For All is a program for PreK-12 students. We do intend to offer programs for other age groups. If interested,

please reach us at


Is my child safe taking a Good For All Yoga class?

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We assure you that our teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching children. Additionally, all the teachers have been subjected to background checks.


Will yoga mats be provided?

Considering the COVID-19 situation, children are expected to carry their own yoga mats for the class. If your campus permits, storage will be provided for the mats.


When was Good For All Yoga started?

Good For All Yoga was first started in September 2020 and offered as a complimentary class to students of Skaggs Elementary and 

Rice MS in Plano ISD

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