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 Our deeply conscious & immensely qualified teachers impart our unique curriculum of yogic concepts with compassionate interactions

and delightful fun

Alpa Arora Head Shot Jan 2023.jpg

Alpa Arora is an internationally certified Yoga instructor for adults & children. She envisions a world  empowered with the

timeless wisdom of Yoga. 

Alpa's dedication to the wellbeing of the community has motivated her to be a Plano PTA volunteer since 2012.Her personality

exudes warmth and serenity that surrounds all those she comes in contact with. She is an avid music lover, goes for a hike at every opportunity and insists on keeping humor as a big part of her everyday life. She resides in Plano TX with her husband and two boys.


As a previous mental health provider and a certified Yoga instructor, Keithsha brings both mindfulness and healing to the practice of Yoga. Keithsha has worked as a qualified mental health professional for over six years, and has practiced yoga for thirteen years. Understanding the benefits of meditation and Yoga for mental health has led her to becoming a Yoga instructor. It is with her purest intentions that one experiences deep relaxation from her sessions. Outside of yoga Keithsha enjoys traveling, trying new foods, reading, and creating various things. 

Grace Krueger

As an expert in mental health counseling, Grace strives to blend her passion for teaching children, and mental health to create a unique yoga experience. She obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher certification, as well as her psychotherapeutic yoga practitioner certification, from the LISPY school, in December 2022. Grace has worked with children in many various types of fields, including yoga, behavior analysis, and mental health counseling.  Grace loves providing a mental health driven practice, combining both popular vinyasa flows, as well as yin principles to create an overall balanced practice

Lisa K.jpeg

Lisa Schrakamp

In 2009, Lisa had a six-week break from ballet classes and was looking for a way to fill that void and stay in shape, so she decided to try yoga. She never  expected to stick with it after those six weeks, but was hooked! In yoga, Lisa found the mind/body/spirit connection to be the best form of self-care she could practice. It fit perfectly into her world of a wife, mom, school counselor, and dancer. On more than one occasion, Lisa’s kids or husband would “suggest” she go take a yoga class and she couldn’t agree more. Obviously, Lisa’s yoga practice benefited the whole family.

Lisa is a consummate learner.

She works in education, has two master's degrees, and loves learning, so pursuing yoga teacher training was a natural progression of her yoga practice. Teacher training helped Lisa grow not only as a yogi but as a person. Melding the understanding of the practice on a cognitive level with the physical practice on the mat has taught her that yoga is so much more than touching your toes. Lisa has always loved teaching others and sharing her passions.

Lisa completed her first 200 hr teacher training with Jan Guinn,  E-RYT 500, YACEP, in 2017 and followed that with another 200 hr and 300 hr with Crystal Rae,  E-RYT 500, and Andres Illea,  E-RYT 500 the following year. In 2020, she completed the Mindfulness Teacher Certification with Dallas Yoga Center. She continues to learn from teachers and students as her practice grows each time she steps on the mat or leads others through practice. 

Laura Niguidula

Like many people, Laura found yoga at seemingly just the right time. She was 18 years old when she stepped into her first yoga class at her university's rec center. It was a breath of fresh air (literally). The practice helped her find her inner strength to overcome a broken heart. And she would come back to the practice again and again to navigate her own trauma and struggles. When she finally had the opportunity to complete her 200-hour teacher training, Laura was able to share the beauty of yoga with her students at her alma mater and her local studio in Denton, TX. Laura's teaching style is characterized by fun, creative sequences. And while she loves the physical practice, it is only one part of yoga. Laura believes in the power of breath and mindfulness to the ground and healing and helping transform people's lives - especially children, teens, and young adults.

She believes in making yoga accessible because yoga is for everybody and everybody, and it is truly something anyone can do. 

Alyssa Russell

Since childhood, yoga has helped Alyssa through many of life’s challenges. While working in corporate America from 2014 to 2020, weekly yoga classes soon became Alyssa’s only comfort.

When COVID hit, and Alyssa got long COVID, becoming a certified 200 hour yoga teacher became Alyssa’s way to build a new self; a stronger more compassionate self.  Now with the technology of yoga, Alyssa is able to teach others how to have strength, compassion, ease, and self-regulation. Alyssa believes

that when life gives us challenges, wisdom guides us back to the mat.

image0 (2).jpeg

Erin Cruz

Yoga has been a meaningful presence in my life since I took my first class in 2000.

It has meant different things to me at different times, but it took root and became a part of me since the

day my yogic journey began.  

About 10 years into my practice, I knew

I wanted to teach and share the

the healing power of yoga with others.

In 2016, I took the leap, completing

my 200-hour RYT training.  

In 2020, I deepened my knowledge and journey as a teacher of this practice, becoming a 500-hour RYT.  This limitless path of yoga has led me to sound healing modalities, which I incorporate into my practice and teaching, and also creating and leading transformational retreats.

My yoga class flows at a steady and deliberate pace, accessible to beginners, but also challenging to seasoned practitioners. You will sweat, smile, and maybe struggle along the way…

but I promise that with

consistent practice, you will grow.  

In addition to my vinyasa & Hatha classes, I also specialize in the quieter practices of yin and restorative, both of which provide a wonderful counterbalance to

our active and busy lives.  

I have experience and education in children’s yoga, yoga Nidra, adaptive yoga, prenatal yoga, and sound healing.  

I love to work with yogis of all ages, abilities and walks of life.

Yoga is a lifelong and life-changing practice, and I am honored to play a

part in your journey!

Off the mat, I’m a mother of two

bright-spirited and energetic

little boys who light up my life.

My husband is a great partner

who makes me laugh, enables me

to chase my dreams, and practices

yoga with me.  I also have a dance background and have tried and enjoyed countless movement practices, but yoga remains my greatest passion.

Joshua Peeples

Josh's yoga journey started 10 years ago when he decided to take his health into his own hands. In 2019, his Yoga Teacher Journey began. During the pandemic, he completed the 200hr certification at Keller Yoga, TX.  Currently, he is studying to receive his 500hr certification and graduates next month. He has devoted his life to the deep knowledge and practice of Yoga as a lifestyle, and he wishes to share his understanding with others who seek mastery

of their own life.  

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