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Thanks so much for the notes and for bringing the program to Huffman this year. Our son immensely enjoyed the class, and I appreciated being able to come volunteer and participate as well! It came at a great time for him as we are working on mindfulness at home. Thank you thank you again, and we hope to see you in the spring!

Huffman Elementary, Plano TX

December 2023

Our son LOVED his after-school Yoga program experience this fall so we are hoping to continue Yoga

with the Spring program.  
Rose Haggar, Elementary, Plano TX
December 2023

Thank you so much for such the excellent work with our kids.
You impact positively in our community. I will definitely
encourage Mateo to practice what he learned. Thank you so
much for your kind email and for providing the material to
continue with yoga and the good healthy habits.
Best wishes to you and your family!

Father of a 1st Grader
Rose Haggar, Elementary, Plano TX
April 2023

Our daughter really likes the program and the attention given by Alpa. Keep up the good work.'

Father of a 2nd Grader
Rose Haggar, Elementary, Plano TX
January 2023

'Dear Alpa, having known you is a blessing! You are one of the kindest people I know. I sincerely thank you for all your time spent listening to me without judgment. You are a natural speaker and healer. Talking with you and listening to you gave me positive energy.

You helped and inspired me in many ways, Alpa!

I am also so glad that you've been my son's first Yoga teacher. You deal with and teach the kids very naturally. Thank you for all the assurances you gave me when I spoke about him to you. I think positive assurances from another parent give tonnes of positive energy to a parent who is concerned about their kid. Wouldn't forget your kind words and assurances.

Thank you for teaching him the value of sleep, food, health, and fitness. I think it is very important to teach them the value of a fit mind and body at a very young age. You did that to my son! I do not know

how many kids are ready to listen to and believe their parents.

But they listen to and believe in a good teacher. You are one to him.

Thank you, Alpa! God bless you abundantly so you can make good changes to families in need just like you did for mine!'

Parent of 7 yr old @ Andrews Elementary,

Plano TX / Mar 2022

'D absolutely loved the Good For All yoga classes and was honored to have you as his teacher. He would come and show us the asanas that he learned. Sometimes, he also becomes a yoga teacher and tells us to do the asanas he learned :) I am very thankful to you for not only teaching him yoga but also listening to his silly things patiently and responding very politely. 

Thank you!'

Parent of a 7yr old @ Skaggs Elementary

Plano TX / June 2021

'Doing yoga with Good For All has greatly helped me in my daily life! There are a variety of activities such as educational stories, meditation, and physical exercise, each of which have improved my daily life in many ways, like bettering my focus.'

Student @ Plano West Senior High 

July 2021

'Good For All yoga sessions are unique. It’s nothing like what my girls have experienced before with a yoga program. They come out of the session so grounded yet playful. They are so interested to keep going back to practice! I love that the sessions cater to their physical strength as well as provide the wisdom of the yoga asanas and meditation. 

Thank you for creating this unique learning and fun space for my children:)'

Parent of 10yr old & 7yr old girls

Germany (online) / August 2021

‘I can run faster & longer’

‘I don't wake up tired in the mornings’

‘My flexibility has improved’

‘I loved the stories’

Students @ Skaggs Elementary

Plano TX / March 2021

'Your class was truly a gift to Thomas -and to us. In addition to the physical benefits (he speaks in particular about having greater flexibility now), I believe that your class inspired a palpable mental shift in Thomas. It's as if he can "step outside of his head" when dealing with something challenging or if he starts to feel overcome by frustration. I've seen him mindfully utilize the breathing techniques he learned from you as well. To see that mental and physical growth, especially as we embark on the middle school years, gives me a greater peace about what lies ahead, and we will continue to encourage him to keep up this practice. It was tremendously beneficial for him. (Now we need to get William there). Thomas always looked forward to yoga class with you, and he took it very seriously. He admires you so much (as do all of us). Thank you for leading him on this journey. I truly believe that Yoga has enhanced that keen sentience I've noticed about him since he was very young. We are proud of him and so very grateful for you.

With gratitude'

Parent of an 11 yr old @ Skaggs Elementary

Plano TX / May 2021

My daughter L loved your camp this past week at PSA McKinney!  Thank you so much for partnering with the PSA this summer.  I'd love to sign L up for a Saturday class or workshop during the school year.  She is 12 years old and going into 7th grade.  When do you anticipate sharing your programs for the school year?  Thank you!!!


Parent of a student  

2022 Summer Camps held in collaboration with 

Plano Sports Authority at their Plano, Mckinney and Murphy, TX locations 

I appreciated the structure of the program and the focus on healthy minds and bodies. I like that you focused on one specific aspect each week.

Parent of an 8-yr old from Carlisle Elementary, Plano TX

May 2022

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